Taking on a Warwick Summer Intern 2019 

I came to I P Security Systems Ltd as a Marketing Intern through Warwick Summer Internships. 

Prior to this, I P Security Systems’ internship description stood out to me on how detailed and in-depth it was. After attending my interview, I immediately knew that I would feel comfortable. On the first day and throughout my whole time here that did not change. Shaz, Pete and Andy have been extremely supportive, welcoming and even kept me on for the rest of summer following my internship ending.  

Within the first week, they sent me on a 2-day marketing course where I learnt many helpful skills which guided my time with them. From this, we made many changes. The main change being the company name from IPSS Systems Integrators to I P Security Systems. I have performed benchmarking, competitor analyses, and market research. Increased the website SEO, wrote marketing copy, created newsletters, blog posts, infographics, business cards, and other advertisements. I have also raised their social media presence and created a 12-month marketing calendar.  

On top of everything, one of the most fulfilling parts of my internship is seeing my marketing efforts bring in new business and raise awareness of I P Security Systems.  

I am extremely grateful for the skills I have learnt being part of I P Security Systems. They have massively added to my portfolio of experience and I have learnt many needed skills. 

I will always be grateful for this position, 

Mikayla Marriott-Smith  
Applied Linguistics student at Warwick University

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