Keeping your Home Secure at Christmas

With Christmas just a month away we have 5 top tips to keep your home secure.

Christmas is a special time and we all want to enjoy the Festive Season with family and friends without worrying about the safety and security of our homes.

As soon as we put our Christmas decorations on show and with Black Friday and Cyber Monday just days away it’s as good as putting a notice outside our homes telling thieves and burglars that there are valuable goods and presents in the property.

Coupled with the fact that crime levels are proven to increase as the nights become longer there is no better time to consider increasing the security of your home.

1 Keep presents out of sight

Having presents displayed around the bottom of your Christmas Tree is a picture-perfect image which adds to the anticipation of the Festive Season. However, this display shows to potential burglars that your property is packed with gifts and could be worth further investigation for a break in.
Keep presents out of sight or ensure that they aren’t visible through windows and doors.

Research has also shown the concerning statistic that burglars will target properties more than once. The assumption is that items stolen during a first theft will be replaced before Christmas and these properties are then targeted again to take the replacement goods.

2 Beware of what you post on social media

Be careful of what you are putting on social media. Your Christmas presents may be hidden from the view of windows and doors but putting a picture of your presents, or Black Friday bargains online may attract unwanted attention.

You will also need to be careful of posting about Festive nights out, about going away or about the pile of presents you received on the day. These are all signs for potential burglars that your home is unattended and an easy target.

3 Make your home looked lived in…even if it isn’t

If you plan on leaving your home over the Festive Season, ensure that you have security measures in place to deter any potential thieves. Try to make your home look as ‘lived in’ as possible:

  • Have timers set for lights, radios and tv’s to come on and off
  • ask a neighbour to check on the property by ensuring that post is pushed through the letterbox or putting your bins out and back in for you
  • you could even ask someone to house sit for you.

4 Shred packaging or take it to a recycling centre

Burglars will not shy away from rummaging through your bins to get an indication as to what they mind find inside your property. Packaging from luxury goods or expensive technology can encourage burglars to want to get inside your property. Opt to disguise this packaging by shredding it, taking it to a recycling centre, or putting it deep inside other bags.

5 Invest in electronic security

CCTV and intruder alarms are proven to be effective in deterring criminals and keeping your home safe and it’s not too late to have these installed in time for the festive season. With systems that come with a mobile app you can see what is going on at home while you’re away and have the complete reassurance that everything is safe and secure. And, should the worst happen, you could have the valuable evidence required by the Police to gain a conviction.

We still have installation dates free before Christmas so we can provide you with the piece of mind you want to enjoy a stress free and secure festive season.

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