How can having CCTV in schools reduce bullying?

CCTV used in the education settings has been increasing rapidly over recent years. This sees the vast majority of schools now being fitted with CCTV. Although, whether that is solely focused on the school grounds or in corridors and classrooms differs. 

The reasons for the increase of CCTV in schools’ changes. It can be to protect the property, staff and students or to deter violence, harassment, and even terrorism. 

Whilst some people view this increase as a positive, recognising the benefits in making us feel protected and secure. Others see it as a negative, stating how it can remove our sense of privacy and acts as ‘big brother’ watching our every move.  

We understand that the problem of bullying is large and installing CCTV will not combat the issue as a whole. Although, we do acknowledge what CCTV can do to help.  

Being able to capture incidents which happen in corridors, playgrounds, and classrooms can provide potentially needed evidence. Also, this alone can change behaviour for better as people know they are being recorded. 

As result of installing CCTV, some schools have witnessed levels of bullying reduce.  

Doonside Technology High School in Sydney, Australia, installed CCTV into their school. After doing so, they witnessed a massive drop in bullying by 70%.  

This could be because the cameras being in place can deter students from bullying others. As knowing they are being watched puts them off the abusive actions. Alternatively, it helps to capture bullying if it does occur. 

It is not only with bullying that installing CCTV has been beneficial. Richmond River High School, also in Australia, has stated a reduction in theft since getting cameras.  

Although there are many legalities which need to be considered when putting CCTV into schools. Informing the Information’s Commissioner, having clear procedures of CCTV operation, and ensuring a designated data controller are just a few things to consider.  

We have the knowledge and expertise to fit CCTV to the correct legal requirements. Contact us for more information and a free, no obligation security audit and quote.  

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