Keeping your Home Secure at Christmas

Keeping your Home Secure at Christmas

With Christmas just a month away we have 5 top tips to keep your home secure.

Christmas is a special time and we all want to enjoy the Festive Season with family and friends without worrying about the safety and security of our homes.

As soon as we put our Christmas decorations on show and with Black Friday and Cyber Monday just days away it’s as good as putting a notice outside our homes telling thieves and burglars that there are valuable goods and presents in the property.

Coupled with the fact that crime levels are proven to increase as the nights become longer there is no better time to consider increasing the security of your home.

1 Keep presents out of sight

Having presents displayed around the bottom of your Christmas Tree is a picture-perfect image which adds to the anticipation of the Festive Season. However, this display shows to potential burglars that your property is packed with gifts and could be worth further investigation for a break in.
Keep presents out of sight or ensure that they aren’t visible through windows and doors.

Research has also shown the concerning statistic that burglars will target properties more than once. The assumption is that items stolen during a first theft will be replaced before Christmas and these properties are then targeted again to take the replacement goods.

2 Beware of what you post on social media

Be careful of what you are putting on social media. Your Christmas presents may be hidden from the view of windows and doors but putting a picture of your presents, or Black Friday bargains online may attract unwanted attention.

You will also need to be careful of posting about Festive nights out, about going away or about the pile of presents you received on the day. These are all signs for potential burglars that your home is unattended and an easy target.

3 Make your home looked lived in…even if it isn’t

If you plan on leaving your home over the Festive Season, ensure that you have security measures in place to deter any potential thieves. Try to make your home look as ‘lived in’ as possible:

  • Have timers set for lights, radios and tv’s to come on and off
  • ask a neighbour to check on the property by ensuring that post is pushed through the letterbox or putting your bins out and back in for you
  • you could even ask someone to house sit for you.

4 Shred packaging or take it to a recycling centre

Burglars will not shy away from rummaging through your bins to get an indication as to what they mind find inside your property. Packaging from luxury goods or expensive technology can encourage burglars to want to get inside your property. Opt to disguise this packaging by shredding it, taking it to a recycling centre, or putting it deep inside other bags.

5 Invest in electronic security

CCTV and intruder alarms are proven to be effective in deterring criminals and keeping your home safe and it’s not too late to have these installed in time for the festive season. With systems that come with a mobile app you can see what is going on at home while you’re away and have the complete reassurance that everything is safe and secure. And, should the worst happen, you could have the valuable evidence required by the Police to gain a conviction.

We still have installation dates free before Christmas so we can provide you with the piece of mind you want to enjoy a stress free and secure festive season.

How can having CCTV in schools reduce bullying?

CCTV used in the education settings has been increasing rapidly over recent years. This sees the vast majority of schools now being fitted with CCTV. Although, whether that is solely focused on the school grounds or in corridors and classrooms differs. 

The reasons for the increase of CCTV in schools’ changes. It can be to protect the property, staff and students or to deter violence, harassment, and even terrorism. 

Whilst some people view this increase as a positive, recognising the benefits in making us feel protected and secure. Others see it as a negative, stating how it can remove our sense of privacy and acts as ‘big brother’ watching our every move.  

We understand that the problem of bullying is large and installing CCTV will not combat the issue as a whole. Although, we do acknowledge what CCTV can do to help.  

Being able to capture incidents which happen in corridors, playgrounds, and classrooms can provide potentially needed evidence. Also, this alone can change behaviour for better as people know they are being recorded. 

As result of installing CCTV, some schools have witnessed levels of bullying reduce.  

Doonside Technology High School in Sydney, Australia, installed CCTV into their school. After doing so, they witnessed a massive drop in bullying by 70%.  

This could be because the cameras being in place can deter students from bullying others. As knowing they are being watched puts them off the abusive actions. Alternatively, it helps to capture bullying if it does occur. 

It is not only with bullying that installing CCTV has been beneficial. Richmond River High School, also in Australia, has stated a reduction in theft since getting cameras.  

Although there are many legalities which need to be considered when putting CCTV into schools. Informing the Information’s Commissioner, having clear procedures of CCTV operation, and ensuring a designated data controller are just a few things to consider.  

We have the knowledge and expertise to fit CCTV to the correct legal requirements. Contact us for more information and a free, no obligation security audit and quote.  

What does ‘professional’ mean?

NSI NACOSS Gold Medal medium

We have noticed that many companies are calling themselves ‘professional’ or claim that they give a ‘professional’ service. That does beg the question: What does it mean to call yourself professional? 

The simple definition of the word means “relating to or belonging to a profession”. Therefore, the majority of those in the working world could state that they are professional, even when their actions prove that they are not. This isn’t reassuring when you are looking for a company to rely on to install security at your home or business premises, especially when you hear horror stories of installers who claim to be professional who show a bar full of people the images from a customer’s home camera system! 

We would rather use the information provided in a recent article published by Oxford Review, they stated that the three key features to someone being ‘professional’ are: ideals, ethics, and social aims and that there “will be a set of guiding principles and ethics which denote professional practice and the ideal of being a professional”.  

We acknowledge this, believing that the needs and expectations of customers or clients should be met to the highest standard possible. That’s why we are so proud of our staff and our qualifications. The highest accreditation possible for our industry is the National Security Inspectorate NACOSS Gold Award and requires our company, processes and staff to undergo rigorous checks from external auditors. When we had our audit we passed with flying colours, proving that our ideals, ethics and social aims make us the true definition of professional.    

Contact us now to discuss how we can provide our professional installation service to you. Call us on 024 7644 6960 or email us on 

National Home Security Month – October 2019

We are all concerned with the security of those things that we hold dear, from our family, pets, home and vehicles to our business premises. And, we all know that with the pressures of everyday life, security is often overlooked. Sometimes, its not until the worst happens that we finally get round to ensuring we do all we can to make sure it doesn’t happen again .

October is National Home Security Month and it has been organised to raise awareness of the importance of home security so you can be safe in the the knowledge that your home, family and belongings are protected. But all of the advice and guidance can easily be taken on by business owners looking to secure their premises, staff and stock.

The Month started with information on busting common myths about Security. Did you know that figures collated by the Co-op state that 28% of adults take no security precautions at home leaving their possessions and loved ones vulnerable. It’s important to take security seriously. The biggest myth in intrusion is thinking ‘burglary only happens to other people’.

This week concentrates on Beat the burglar which continues to be a serious problem across the UK. Fortunately, it has never been easier to fight back against the threat of intruders. It has been found that cameras located both indoors and outside are known to the the most effective deterrent against intrusion and thanks to advances in technology they’re great value. We are pleased to offer great systems that can meet all requirements, from residential properties to small. medium and large business. Systems start from just £499 with our professional NSI NACOSS Gold installation.

Keep an eye on our website for more information as we go through the rest of the month.

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