5 Simple Ways to Keep Your Home Safe Whilst on Holiday

Install timers on your electrics 

Putting your lights, radios and even TV on a timer can give the illusion that your property hasn’t been left unattended. Be sure to alter the timers to vary when your appliances go on. If someone is watching the neighbourhood, they will notice a pattern of everything going on and off at the same time and get suspicious. Some timers can be altered using your smartphone.  

Beware of social media 

Capturing your holiday and putting it on social media is a great way to preserve memories and give your friends holiday envy. Although, this is a massive tell-tale sign that you have left your property unattended. Try saving the images and posting them when you are back home. 

Ensure everywhere is locked 

This may seem obvious but ensuring that all windows, doors, gates and outbuildings are locked will stop anyone entering your property without force. This can be enough to put some criminals off as it means they won’t have to leave evidence of their entry.  

Invest in electronic security  

There is evidence which shows that CCTV and house alarms act as a deterrent for burglars. Although you can’t do much if this happens whilst you are away, your alarm can sound and alert the police to come to the property and the CCTV can provide the needed evidence.  

Ask a neighbour to check on the house or hire a house sitter 

Asking someone to put the bins out or collect the mail from underneath the mailbox every couple of days can help to keep your property appearing a lived in as possible. Even asking a friend or family member to house sit for you can give the extra peace of mind that someone is there and looking after your home. 

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