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There are in the region of 75 million private CCTV cameras in operation across the UK alone, so is it any wonder why the technology used in CCTV cameras is constantly evolving? Evolving from a traditional security system, CCTV is now used in many aspects of emergency management and response, however, one of the limitations of traditional fixed CCTV cameras is the amount and necessity of cabling that is required.Due to this, many businesses of all sizes ranging from SMEs through to large multi-national blue chip organisations are turning to IP cameras as an alternative. Not only do IP cameras provide significant cost savings, they also require less maintenance and offer centralised control.

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Are your current CCTV cameras constantly raising false alarms? IP cameras have the ability to detect motion and intelligently analyse data, dramatically reducing false alarms. Here at IP Security Systems IPSS, we offer a wide range of IP cameras including cameras from manufacturers such as Mobotix and Security lights from Raytec. The only network camera manufacturer to date which is capable of storing high-resolution video streams with 1536 lines instead of the usual 288, Mobotix IP cameras are more cost-effective that traditional CCTV cameras and have greater functionality – as you would expect, we stock plenty of Motobix IP cameras that you’re able to browse through on our website by

At IPSS, we understand that protecting your company’s assets is imperative. That’s why we stock some of the best IP cameras and CCTV lighting products in the world. World leaders in CCTV lighting, Raytec have a passion for designing and creating technically leading products at competitive prices. At the forefront of lighting technology, Raytec products use cutting edge SMT LED technology in order to deliver outstanding performance to users. Interested in finding out more about IP cameras?

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